Nomad, but not digital
“Passion, time and learning constantly”

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1. Who are you, what you do and when did you know that freelancing is the life for

I’m Julien and with my girlfriend we quit our jobs in Paris. Since October 2016, we are now living on the road with very little money each day (approximatively 1€ currently all included).

We are nomads, but not digital. We don’t earn money.

2. What is your work setup?

Our main occupation except traveling (hitchhiking, finding hosts, cooking for them, visiting…) is making videos and writing on our blog. First because we like it, secondly also to promote alternative travel in opposition with most of the video bloggers who promote luxury non sustainable travels.

3. What are the tools of your trade?

Passion, time and learning constantly

4. What are the ups and downs of freelancing?

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want when you have your own occupation. But not having a more or less precise timetable can make the off time less frequent at the end.

5. What is the setup that keeps you healthy and sane?

The combination of being with a partner (my girlfriend), traveling nonstop, but also staying sometimes a few weeks in a place to do volunteer works. It allows us to make a break in the packing/unpacking, hitchhiking and finding hosts processes, which are more exhausting than working somewhere at the end. We also learn a lot of different things. For now, we have been volunteers for babysitting, renovating an old house, hosteling, farming etc. We don’t earn money but in exchange we have everything we need to live (at least bed and food for 50% time job).

6. What are your biggest frustrations?

I don’t know!

7. What book(s) are you currently reading?

“Sans un sou en poche” story of a French traveler who traveled 1 year with no money at all, and came back to France to build an eco and self sufficient village

8. What should you start now that will have a positive effect on your life 5 years from now?


9. What thing from today would you like your 10-years- from-now self to remember?

The fabulous adventure I am living.

10. Let people know where they can connect with you.

Blog / photos / videos – alternative travel:


Be it digital nomading with full time travel or location independence with a home base and travel, what we have at the end of the day is a lifestyle of freedom and feeling at peace. Surely this lifestyle will change and evolve over time, but for progress to happen inspiration is crucial. For most of us it all comes down to getting over fear and attachment to comfort. And this happens when we share knowledge, experiences and ideas that turn the unknown into opportunities to learn, grow and feel alive.

So if you want to share from your life of freedom, feel free to connect with us via e-mail:


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