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“Travelling slowly is important to us”

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1. Who are you, what you do and when did you know that freelancing is the life for

We are a digital nomad family: Suewan, Dan and Roobs (9). Suewan has a part-time remote job working for a start-up. Dan has the same job he had back in the UK. He is the Community Manager for Book Creator. Roobs is chief ukelele player and mischief maker.
In 2016 we left the UK to start travelling long-term. We never knew we would live like this. It was in around 2014 that we started to consider the idea as a way of living life on our own terms.

2. What is your work (hardware, tools, gadgets, etc.) setup?

Dan – laptop, tablet.
Suewan – mainly uses her phone with a good set of headphones but also needs laptop.

3. What are the tools of your trade? (skills, instruments, methods, routines that you need in order to do your job properly)

Dan – prefers to be in a coworking space where there is excellent wifi and a quiet work environment.
Suewan – as I am also world schooling Roobs I have to work where and when I can fit it in. Often in the evenings when she is in bed or sometimes in the day when she is doing schoolwork.

4. What are the ups and downs of freelancing?

I think the ups are obvious: we are on an adventure and we can spend time together as a family which was impossible in our 9-5 life back in the UK.

The downs are varied:
Digital Nomading as a family has its own unique set of challenges. Setting routines so Roobs has a sense of stability and home. Having a kitchen so we can prepare food cheaply wherever we are. Finding friends and playdates for Roobs. Worldschooling.
Missing family and friends back home.

5. What is the setup that keeps you healthy and sane?

Travelling slowly is important to us. We spend between 1-2 months in one place so we can really get to know it. Also helps us to build relationships and plug into local activities and classes/workshops.

6. What are your biggest frustrations?

As I said before, internet connection is the most important factor for us as we both have online jobs. Not being able to find a good connection easily is frustrating.

7. What book(s) are you currently reading?

Suewan is reading “I am Malala”.

Roobs devours books and is currently reading Harry Potter with Dan.

8. What should you start now that will have a positive effect on your life / business 5 years from now?

Appreciating what we have. We want to make sure we enjoy life every day and not slip into a mindset of taking it all for granted.

9. What thing from today would you like your 10-years- from-now self to remember?

That the world is both huge and really small.
People, cultures and places are way less scary than the media wants you to think.

10. Let people know where they can connect with you.

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Be it digital nomading with full time travel or location independence with a home base and travel, what we have at the end of the day is a lifestyle of freedom and feeling at peace. Surely this lifestyle will change and evolve over time, but for progress to happen inspiration is crucial. For most of us it all comes down to getting over fear and attachment to comfort. And this happens when we share knowledge, experiences and ideas that turn the unknown into opportunities to learn, grow and feel alive.

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