Cristian Corbu
web developer
“Always follow my heart”

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1. Who are you, what you do and when did you know that freelancing is the life for

My name is Cristian Corbu, I’m a 34 years old Romanian from Timisoara. I have been working as a web developer for more than 12 years. I started to work remotely in 2011. I probably realized that being a digital nomad was the life for me when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2011, for two months and had the best time of my life.

2. What is your work (hardware, tools, gadgets, etc.) setup?

Currently I own a HP Pavilion laptop (Core i5, 6GB RAM & 500GB storage). The tools (software) I use the most are: Brackets, AppServ, Notepad++, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash CS6.

3. What are the tools of your trade? (skills, instruments, methods, routines that you need in order to do your job properly)

My laptop and my passport 🙂

4. What are the ups and downs of freelancing?

Ups: getting to travel, know different places, cultures, traditions, natural wonders, food, people; expand your perspective, become wiser, understand the world better, not have a boss, freedom.

Downs: visa-worries (can’t always get a long-term visa), most people you meet are rarely able to join you / have the same “nomadic” lifestyle.

5. What is the setup that keeps you healthy and sane?

I often run (jogging), walk, practice calisthenics (physical exercise with little to no use of equipment), yoga, trekking and camping in nature, I enjoy a good cigar ever once in a while, watch a TV show or a movie and I love

6. What are your biggest frustrations?

I don’t really have too many frustrations. Maybe money sometimes but only because I chose to take it easy with how much work I do for a time.

7. What book(s) are you currently reading?

None at the moment.

8. What should you start now that will have a positive effect on your life / business 5 years from now?

Learn more programming languages/technologies.

9. What thing from today would you like your 10-years- from-now self to remember?

To always follow my heart.

Be it digital nomading with full time travel or location independence with a home base and travel, what we have at the end of the day is a lifestyle of freedom and feeling at peace. Surely this lifestyle will change and evolve over time, but for progress to happen inspiration is crucial. For most of us it all comes down to getting over fear and attachment to comfort. And this happens when we share knowledge, experiences and ideas that turn the unknown into opportunities to learn, grow and feel alive.

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