DIscipline is freedom | Freedom is happiness

FCK.WORK/Podcast is a weekly podcast that was born in 2018 after a 6 weeks successful experiment called ”Shoturi digitale cu Jojatu si Costescu” where we had 2000+ organic listeners.

FCK.WORK is a playground that brings together freelancers & entrepreneurs, dreamers & doers, planners & explorers, teachers & students, top performers, wizards of making things happen and people who already do what we only dream of doing.

We will talk about discipline, routines, systems, secrets, challenges, fails or successes, how, why, when and how hard it was for them to get there.

Sharing is community | community is power

With FCK.WORK/Podcast I aim to decode the experience of top performers and learn from their methods, tools and tactics to help independent workers achieve a life of disciplined freedom and get sh*t done efficiently and effectively.

The podcast has 4 core beliefs:

Sharing knowledge and experience
Curiosity and experimenting
Learning, learning, learning and more learning
Discipline = freedom



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